Recorder's Fees

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The county recorder is allowed, and may receive for services, the following fees, to be paid by the party procuring the services:


For recording every instrument, paper of notice, except Deeds, Reconveyaces, Deeds of Trust, Mortgages,Powers of Attorney, and Irrigation District Deliquency List (see below).

  • Each additional page
 $10.00/1st Page

For Recording Deeds, Grants and Conveyances of real property (up to 30 pages)

$15.00/1st 30 pages then $3.00/page

For Recording Deeds of Trust, Mortgages, including fixture filings, security agreements, & assignments of leases and rents, if contained within the same instrument (up to 30 pages)

$45.00/1st 30 pages then $3.00/page

For Recording Reconveyances of trust deeds, Releases of mortgages, including Substitution of trustee, if separate documents (up to 30 pages)

$15.00 each/1st 30 pages, then $3.00/page

For Recording Combined Substitution of Trustee & Deed of Reconveyance in one document (up to 30 pages)

$15.00/1st 30 pages, then $3.00/page

For Recording any Powers of Attorney, (up to 30 pages)

$25.00/1st 30 pages, then $3.00/page 

For Recording Delinquency List of Irrigation Districts

 For copies of any record or paper  $1.00/page
 For each certificate under seal, when required  $1.00
 For release or assignment where more than one (1) document is released or assigned in the same instrument, for each additional release or assignment.  $1.00

 For recording every subdivision plot, for the first one hundred (100) lots or less

  • Each additional lot
For taking acknowledgments (including notary seal) - up to five (5) seals  $1.00
Each additional notary seal after the first five (5)  $1.00 each
For recording the location notice or amended location notice, of a mining claim, or for recording and indexing each notice.  $10.00 first pg $3.00/add'l pages

For recording affidavit of labor of mining claims for one (1) mining claim

  • Each additional claim



For recording a survey  $5.00/page
For making a copy of a survey or highway right-of-way plat  $4.00 
For issuing marriage license, filing, recording and indexing the certificate of marriage and taking and filing affidavit required in issuance of the license  $28.00
For administering an oath. (including jurat)  $1.00
Certifying (when required)  $1.00
For comparing and certifying a prepared copy of a file or record  $0.50/Page
For making and certifying a report of search for lien upon personal property, excluding Uniform Commercial Code (UCC)  $5.00/Name   searched
For each certificate under seal  $1.00

Faxed recorded documents First Page

  • Additional pages



Idaho Supreme Court Approved Forms (Divorce, Custody Packets) (sales tax will be charged)  $0.15/page
County maps 24" x 36" (sales tax will be charged)  $13.50
36" x 48" (sales tax will be charged)  $27.00