Election Results

Official Results

Primary Election - May 15, 2018

10  precincts reporting out of 10 total precincts

Time Last Updated: 10:36

 Candidates for County Offices

County Commissioner First District

Total Votes
Georgia K. Hanigan (REP) 2107
Daniel Lopez (REP) 832


County Commissioner Third District Total Votes
Reece Hrizuk (REP)  2669


Clerk of the District Court Total Votes
Betty J. Dressen (REP)  2099
Dawn Callaham (REP)(withdrawn)  817


County Treasurer Total Votes
Donna Peterson (REP)  2737


 County Assessor  Total Votes
Sandy Clason (REP)  1262
Mark J. Harvey (REP)  1595


County Coroner Total Votes
Keith Schuller (REP)  2732


 Precinct Committeemen

Prec. #1 Total Votes
Barbara S. Fitch (REP)  120


Prec. #2 Total Votes
Howard E. Rynearson (REP)  477


Prec. #3 Total Votes
Sonja M. Strong (REP)  154


Prec. #4 Total Votes
Donna D. Peterson (REP)  118


Prec. #5 Total Votes
Patti S. Nitz (REP)  426
Brian J. Dyer (DEM)    57


Prec. #6 Total Votes
Sandy Clason (REP)  167
Jacob E. Rynearson (REP)  205
Larry L. Grant (DEM)  41


Prec. #7 Total Votes
Robert J. Maxwell (REP)  105


Prec. #8 Total Votes
Mike Dolton (REP)  242
Jerry L. Jones (REP)  236


Prec. #9 Total Votes
Joan Howell (REP)  346


Prec. #10 Total Votes
Phil Pittman (REP)  50


New Plymouth Fire
Special Tax Levy

In favor of Against
   918  380










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