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Since opening in 1993 as an EPA Subtitle D permitted facility, Clay Peak Landfill has provided consistent, high quality service to communities and businesses in Idaho and Oregon. Conveniently located less than three miles east of Payette, Idaho, it is part of a larger 1,340-acre tract owned by Payette County.   

In 1993, Idaho DEQ determined that Clay Peak met the requirements under the Idaho Solid Waste Facilities Act design criteria for “arid design”. The remote, semi-arid hill top location is a natural sight for a landfill. Sparse groundwater is located hundreds of feet beneath deep dry layers of impenetrable “hard pan” claystone. With rainfall less than 13 inches per year and a potential evaporation rate of greater than 62 inches annually, Clay Peak has been in an annual 49-inch water deficit for most of the last 15,000 years.  Clay Peak has been able to avoid leachate liquids handling and the leak potential of a plastic liner for the landfill. According to DEQ experts, such a liner is simply not needed. Simply put, this geologic stability lowers the long-term risk for our customers.

Clay Peak Landfill Capacity
Cell #1 (at capacity) 2.4 million cubic yards
Cell #2 (today) 5.3 million cubic yards
Cell #3 (future) 19.9 million cubic yards


Since beginning operation in 1993, Clay Peak has been putting municipal solid waste in Cell #1 of the landfill. Even at current growth rates for the Treasure Valley area, the landfill has capacity to serve local communities through the year 2085.

Operating a landfill requires a commitment to long-term financial stewardship. The inevitable final closure of any landfill requires terracing, planting and geotechnical monitoring. Payette County continues to satisfy state and federal requirements by annually setting aside financial assurance funds. As a government entity, Clay Peak Landfill can guarantee that the funds will be there when needed.

On June 19, 2003, Clay Peak underwent a rigorous Joint Comprehensive Review by enforcement professionals from the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality and the Southwest District Health Department as required by the Idaho Solid Waste Facilities Act (Idaho Code §39-7419). Clay Peak Landfill received praise from the inspectors, both for environmental compliance and for innovative recycling and composting techniques. Clay Peak is proud to be a model for responsible landfill operations in the Idaho-Oregon region.

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