Frequently Asked Questions


How can I receive an absentee ballot by mail?

If you are a qualified registered voter you may request an absentee ballot in writing. Address your request to Payette County Clerk at 1130 3rd Ave. N. #104 Payette, Idaho 83661. You may also fax your written request to (208) 642-6011.  

The written request must include your name, your home street address, the county, and indicate which election you are requesting a ballot for. You must sign your request.  You cannot request ballots for another voter, i.e. spouse or children. Send your written request to: Payette County Clerk at 1130 3rd Ave. N. #104, Payette, Idaho 83661

In order to request an absentee ballot by mail for the May 18, 2021, Consolidated Election, requests must be received by the Clerk's office no later than 5:00 p.m. May 7, 2021. 

All absentee ballots must be returned to the clerk’s office at the above address, no later than 8:00 p.m. May 18, 2021, for your vote to count.  DO NOT deliver your absentee ballot to a precinct polling place.

In person voting is now available during office hours through May 14, 2021.

I.D. is now required to vote either in person at the Clerk's office or to vote at the polls.

For further information contact the clerk’s office at (208) 642-6000.

Below you will find a link to download an Application For Absent Elector’s Ballot that you may print out and send in to the clerk’s office.

Application for Absent Elector's Ballot

When and where can I absentee vote in person?

In person voting is now available during office hours through May 14, 2021.

Where can I obtain a sample ballot?

Sample ballots can be obtained at the clerk's office, for a copy please call (208)642-6000.


Where is my polling place?

Below is a list of the county’s polling locations.  To determine your polling place you may contact the clerk’s office @ 642-6000.

The polling locations will be open from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. on Election Day.


-7-     Mail Ballot Only

 -8-    American Legion Hall
        4025 Highway 30, New Plymouth ID  83655


-9 & 10-   Payette City Hall Council Chambers
       204 East Elm St, New Plymouth, ID  83655



What is the last day I can register to vote?

Voter pre-registration closes 25 days prior to an election. However, you can register to vote on election day at your polling place.  Another option is to register and in-person absentee vote at the clerk's office the Friday prior to the election. You must have picture ID, and proof of 30-day residency such as one of the following:

    Drivers License
    Idaho ID Card
    Any document which contains a valid address in the precinct in which you live, along with a picture ID

Who can register to vote?

Anyone who is a U. S. citizen, 18 years old, and reside within this state and within the county at least 30 days prior to election at which he/she desires to vote. You are not eligible to vote if you have been convicted of a felony and your rights have not been restored.

    You need to register again if you have:

  •         Changed your name
  •         Moved to a different address
  •         Not voted within the last four years{/slider}

Where can I get a voter registration card?

You can pick up a voter registration card at the clerk’s office, or call 642-6000 to have one mailed to you.

Click here to download the Voter Registration Form