Payette County Coroner

Ethan Mittelstadt

Payette County Coroner
Address: 1130 3rd Ave. N.
Payette, Id. 83661
Phone: (512) 516-3806


The primary role of the Coroner is to determine and certify the cause and manner of death for those cases which fall under the jurisdiction of the Coroner. These include natural, accidental, homicide and suicide.

The Coroner may authorize an autopsy to be performed by a licensed physician to aid in accurately and scientifically determining the cause of death. The Coroner will also prepare a written report regarding the information gathered during the investigation.

The Coroner may include medical records from hospitals, physicians, and other health care facilities to aid in determining cause of death. These records are placed in the case files, but due to Federal Code concerning protected health information, they are not subject to public view.

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Payette County,
1130 3rd. Ave. N., Payette, Id. 83661

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