Detention Facility

The Payette County Jail provides all inmate visitation through CTEL’s online platform. There is no in person visitation offered at the Payette County Jail. . Property must be mailed in, new in store package, the only property that may be dropped off in person is medications prescribed by a doctor and prescription eye wear.


Mission Statement

The mission of the Payette County Detention Facility is to ensure public safety by the secure detention of those persons committed to our custody.  We will also ensure that those persons committed to our custody are provided a safe and humane environment with treatment consistent toward that end.

The Sheriff must ensure the County Detention Facility is used only the following purposes:

  • The detention of persons who have been committed to the Detention Facility to secure their attendance as witnesses in criminal cases;
  • The detention of persons charged with a crime(s) and committed to the Detention Facility awaiting trial;
  • The confinement of persons committed for contempt of court, upon civil processes or by other authority of law;
  • The confinement of persons sentenced to imprisonment in the Detention Facility upon criminal conviction



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Payette County,
1130 3rd. Ave. N., Payette, Id. 83661

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