The Patrol Division of the Payette County Sheriff's Office (PCSO) provides law enforcement services to the County of Payette.  Aside from county-wide emergency response, the PCSO Patrol Division is also the provider of emergency services to the city of New Plymouth.

The PCSO Patrol Division consists of ten sworn Deputies that are assigned to teams.  Each team is directly supervised by a Corporal and a Lieutenant.  These Deputies are responsible for the initial response to 911 calls, standard calls of service, conducting initial investigations of criminal activity, and completing initial report of these calls for service.

Our Deputies patrol over 410 square miles of land.  They are dedicated to serve and ensure the safety of over 22,000 citizens within our community.

Call 208-642-6006 extension 1175 for all non-emergency calls for service, report follow-up, vin inspection, impounded vehicles/property, ordinance issue, burn notification, civil stand-by, and other types of law enforcement related services.





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