As a reminder, the Payette County Courthouse has become a secured building with the only public entrance to the building located at the front northeast door. Should you want to hand deliver your property tax payment be prepared that it will take extra time to go through security. Should you choose not to go into the courthouse there is a drop box to the Treasurer's office located at the northwest entrance. The drop box is checked twice a day during the December and June collection.

If your mortgage company pays your taxes, they will receive an electronic form of your tax bill and should pay your taxes from that bill.

We are now offering the opportunity to pay your taxes with a credit/debit card here in the office or online. Under the Treasurer's tab select Online Tax Payment. There will be a convenience fee to do this.

Please be sure to include your parcel’s PIN number or AIN number which is located at the top middle of your tax bill on all property tax payments submitted to Payette County Treasurers Department.

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