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Exciting News!! The Comprehensive Plan is in its final stage and the Board of County Commissioners will hold a Public Hearing to consider its adoption  on Tuesday, May 31, 2022 at 1:15 P.M. in the County Courthouse. This is the time to make any comments on the Draft Plan and Map. Below we have provided the documents for you to review. This draft reflects the favorable recommendations sent from the Planning and Zoning Commission.  

If you have any questions, please reach out to the Planning and Zoning Office.


Draft Comprehensive Plan Draft Comprehensive Plan Draft Map 
No Appendices Comp Plan Full Comp Plan Comp Plan Map Updated May 2022


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 The Comprehensive Plan is intended to provide:

  • Comprehensive overview of the County at the present time                                        
  • Proposed goals, objectives, and policies
  • A guideline for future growth and development

Does the Comprehensive Plan apply to you?

The geographic extent of the comprehensive plan includes the entire county, including public land areas. However, municipalities in the county (Payette, Fruitland, and New Plymouth) have their own plans that apply inside each city's Area of City Impact.                                        

Frequently asked questions:

Will this affect how your property is zoned?

The Idaho Local Land Use Planning Act requires that zoning districts, as well as zone changes, special permits and zoning ordinances, are in accordance with the adopted comprehensive plan. So, while changes to the zoning map and ordinances will not occur during the comprehensive planning process, they might occur after the new plan is adopted to ensure that the plan is properly implemented.

What is the County's Role and Function?

Counties are the primary unit of local government in Idaho and serve as political subdivisions of the sate to provide services as required by Idaho State Law. Payette County provides the following services:

  • Financial auditing, budget, and tax services.
  • Land use planning, zoning, and code enforcement.
  • Election services.
  • Landfill, roads and bridges.
  • Emergency Services, hazard mitigation, and preparedness.
  • Public facilities, fairgrounds.    
  • Human resources, indigent services, and guardianship.
  • Mosquito abatement and weed control.   

If you have more questions about the above departments. Please, visit their individual pages.

What is the County's Relationship with Cities?

There are three incorporated cities within Payette County that provides government services within their respective city boundaries. The County strives to cooperate with these incorporated cities to advance the goals of the comprehensive plan, and to plan for growth and development in areas where cross jurisdictional boundaries exist, including:

  • Road and transit.
  • Trails, open space, and public lands.
  • Water quality protection.
  • Compatible development adjacent to city boundaries.      



1130 3RD Ave N, Room #107




Pursuant to established procedure, NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Payette County Planning and Zoning Commission will hold a public hearing in the County Courthouse on Thursday, April 11, 2024. Each hearing will be held during the allotted time below or as soon thereafter as it may be heard. The purpose of the hearing is to consider applications for the following:


I – Conditional Use Permit – Dance Studio And Baseball Facility - Application is made by Jacob and Kelly Magpiong, 7236 Elmore Road, Fruitland, Payette County, Idaho. Subject parcel is located at 7236 Elmore Road, Fruitland, Payette County, Idaho and is owned by Jacob and Kelly Magpiong.

     The subject parcel is described more specifically:

A portion of land identified as: Sec 25-T8N-R5W, Tax 32 in NWSW, Boise Meridian, Fruitland, Payette County, Idaho.


I – Conditional Use Permit – Tire Business - Application is made by Jon Lewellen, 3872 Dundee Drive, New Plymouth, Payette County, Idaho. Subject parcel is located at 3872 Dundee Drive, New Plymouth, Payette County, Idaho and is owned by Jonathan and Jessie Lewellen, 3872 Dundee Drive, New Plymouth, Payette County, Idaho.

     The subject parcel is described more specifically as:

A portion of land identified as: Sec 31-T7N-R3W, Aussie Acres Subdivision No. 1, LT 3, BLK 1, New Plymouth, Payette County, Idaho.

The hearing officer shall be authorized to impose a 5-minute limitation on any oral testimony. If testimony is anticipated to exceed that 5-minute limit, it may be submitted in writing in advance to the Planning and Zoning office to be part of the record. Written testimony, exhibits and/or any documentation to be made a part of the hearing record and considered by the Commission must be submitted by 5:00 P.M. on April 4, 2024 to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Written information presented at the hearing will be placed in a sealed envelope and will not be considered. The record will be open for public viewing at the Planning and Zoning Office located at the Payette County Courthouse, Payette, Idaho during regular business hours.

Any person needing special accommodation to participate in the above noticed meeting should contact the Planning and Zoning Administrator's office at the County Courthouse seven days prior to the meeting. 

The aforementioned properties may be viewed by the Commission on Tuesday, April 9, 2024. Further information is available at the Planning & Zoning Administrator's office at the County Courthouse.  Phone 208-642-6018.

Patti Nitz, Zoning Administrator







NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN Beginning March 1, 2023 the Payette County DMV office will close for lunch at 1:00 p.m. and reopen at 2:00 p.m.

Sandra Clason

Payette County Assessor 








NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN the Payette County Planning and Zoning Commission will meet the second Thursday of each month in 2023 as scheduling permits, except for the month of August when the meeting will be held the third Thursday. The meetings will be held at the Payette County Courthouse, 1130 3rd Avenue North, Courtroom #1, Payette, Idaho starting at 7:00 P.M.

Patti S. Nitz

Planning and Zoning Administrator







Payette County allows for one division of a property after March of 1979.  The original property may have one residence on it.  The first segregation may have one residence on it.  Any further division requires a public hearing.  One way to create another building right is through the Transfer of Development Right process.   

It is recommended that an applicant review the Payette County Code regarding TDRs.   The following are only some considerations when applying for  a Transfer.


{slider=1. Application:}
In the event a person desires to move a development right or a residential building permit from one parcel of land which qualifies for a single-family dwelling building permit to another parcel of land that does not qualify for a single-family dwelling building permit, that person shall file an application for that purpose with the zoning administrator.

{slider=2. Sending Property:}
A parcel of land which is Zoned Ag and qualifies for a residential dwelling building permit and which has been designated as land which should be preserved because it is prime agricultural land, is in an area where open spaces need to be preserved or because the land is critical wildlife habitat or which needs to be protected to enhance and maintain rural character of lands may qualify as sending property.

{slider=3. Receiving Property:}
A parcel of land which does not qualify for a residential building right, which is not designated as meeting the criteria set out in subsection C (#2) of this section may qualify as a receiving property subject to the following conditions:

  • Is located within a city area of impact, designated as Residential on the Comprehensive Plan,  and is at least two (2) acres in size
  • is designated as Rural Residential on the Comprehensive Plan and is at least three (3) acres in size
  • is designated as Ag land on the Comprehensive Plan and is at least twenty (20) acres in size.


{slider=4. Disqualification From Further Permits:}
Upon the transfer of a development right, the sending parcel shall be disqualified in perpetuity from receiving any further building permits. This disqualification shall not prohibit any landowner from later applying for a rezone and subdivision approval after fifty (50) years from the approval of any application to transfer a development right.

{slider=5. Signatures:}
No transfer of a development right will occur without the signature of all lien holders and other parties who have an interest in the sending parcel.  In the event a development right is transferred without the permission or signature of a lien holder or a party in interest, the purported transfer shall be void ab initio.  To insure that the Board has the information required by this section, the applicant shall provide the zoning administrator with a title report from a title insurance company, which shall show all lien holders and all parties who have an interest in the property from which the development right is being transferred.

{slider=6. Time Limit:}

1) At the point of a decision to approve, an agreement will be drafted by the County that must be signed by all parties involved in the transaction including the County. The agreement must be recorded within ninety (90) days of approval or the approval will be withdrawn and the application process will have to start over with no refund of fees.

2) A development right must be used within five (5) years. In the event a development right is not used within five (5) years of its approval by the Board and if it has not been extended prior to its expiration, it shall expire and become null and void. No building permit shall be issued based upon that expired transferred development right. Once a TDR has expired, an applicant cannot have the expired TDR renewed, but must go through the complete process of applying for a TDR, which includes submitting an application and having a public hearing.

{slider=7. The Location of the transferred building site.}
The building site shall be designated by a legal description provided by the applicant and shall indicate the area proposed by the Sending Area Site Plan Map. (Check Payette County Code 8-5-10-R – City Impact Area)

It is recommended that applicant’s review the Payette County Code regarding TDRs.

Note: Applications submitted prior to the closing date do not automatically place a proposal on the agenda. Application content may limit the number of items allowed on an agenda.


  JANUARY   January 11, 2024 December 20, 2023  
  FEBRUARY   February 8, 2024 January 17, 2024  
  MARCH   March 14, 2024 February 21, 2024  
  APRIL   April 11, 2024 March 20, 2024  
  MAY   May 9, 2024 April 17, 2024  
  JUNE   June 13, 2024 May 22, 2024  
  JULY   July 11, 2024 June 19, 2024  
  AUGUST   August 15, 2024 July 24, 2024  
  SEPTEMBER   September 12, 2024 August 21, 2024  
  OCTOBER   October 10, 2024 September 18, 2024  
  NOVEMBER   November 14, 2024 October 23, 2024  
  DECEMBER   December 12, 2024 November 20, 2024  


1/12/2021 N/A   1/14/2021 12/22/2020
2/9/2021 DOUBLE DIAMOND STKHOUSE (1 WK) 208-278-9282 2/11/2021 1/20/2021
2/23/2021 DOUBLE DIAMOND STKHOUSE (1 WK) 208-278-9282 2/25/2021 N/A
3/9/2021 HIDEAWAY GRILL 208-642-4433 3/11/2021 N/A
3/23/2021 JIMBO'S 208-739-9092 3/25/2021 N/A
4/6/2021 SALSA GRILL 208-642-6123 4/8/2021 N/A
4/20/2021 MANDARIN RESTAURANT (PAYETTE) 208-642-3567 4/22/2021 N/A
5/11/2021 HIDEAWAY GRILL 208-642-4433 5/13/2021 4/21/2021
6/8/2021 JIMBO'S 208-739-9092 6/10/2021 5/19/2021
7/6/2021 DOUBLE DIAMOND STKHOUSE (1 WK) 208-278-9282 7/8/2021 6/16/2021
8/17/2021 HIDEAWAY GRILL 208-642-4433 8/19/2021 7/28/2021
9/7/2021 JIMBO'S 208-739-9092 9/9/2021 8/18/2021
10/12/2021 SALSA GRILL 208-642-6123 10/14/2021 9/22/2021
11/16/2021 MANDARIN RESTAURANT (PAYETTE) 208-642-3567 11/18/2021 10/27/2021
12/7/2021 DOUBLE DIAMOND STKHOUSE (1 WK) 208-278-9282 12/9/2021 11/17/2021
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