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Vector Disease Control International
Mosquito Control Specialists

Vector Disease Control International is the sole mosquito control provider for Payette County. We are committed to excellence in vector control and related services. We strive to improve the quality of life through education, surveillance and the control of mosquitos and other disease carrying vectors. At anytime you have questions, comments or need service please contact Nikki Harris.

Public Health Notice:

During the month of July, we have experience West Nile in the Payette and Washoe area control measure are being taken. Payette County and the surrounding areas have experience over 45 days of 90 degree plus temperatures causing a heavy than normal crop irrigation and a larger than normal a hatch.

To try and reduce mosquito activities last month VDCI has treated 68,711 acers with adulticide, inspected 168 drainage sites, 107 had larval present and were treated. Responded to 178 service requests with 56 residences inspected and controls were implemented. Please do your part by eliminating all standing water, don’t over water your lawn and make sure all wastewaters can flow freely thru your property.

If you are experiencing problems or need assistance please call us at 208-642-6835.  
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