Nikki Harris, Program Manager
Office:(208) 642-6835
Cell: (208) 914-4851

Abatement District
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Payette, Id. 83661

Vector Disease Control International
Mosquito Control Specialists

Vector Disease Control International is the sole mosquito control provider for Payette County. We are committed to excellence in vector control and related services. We strive to improve the quality of life through education, surveillance and the control of mosquitos and other disease carrying vectors. At anytime you have questions, comments or need service please contact Nikki Harris.

The following is a summery of vector control activities for August-September 2018;

As expected during August we continued to see increased mosquito activity. During the month with the Payette County Fair & Rodeo and school fall sports starting we continued our aggressive surveillance, larvicide and adulticide control activities. As September approached came much cooler temperatures a reduction in irrigation we noticed decreases in overall mosquito activity and a reduction in request for services.
We expect the mosquito activity to continue to decrease as will our control efforts. We still encourage anyone experiencing mosquito activity to contact the office (208-642-6835) for service.
We thank everyone for your support in helping us reduce habitat and improving irrigation practices which reduced mosquito populations.  We look forward to serving you next year.